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Methods for measuring and correcting the absorption spectrum of scattering suspensions.
A method is described for measuring a “90° absorbance” (semi-integral absorbance) spectrum in the ultra-violet with a better precision than with a light-diffusing plate, using a fluorescing solution of esculine or sodium naphthionate behind the absorption vessels, which acts as a ”perfect” diffusing layer. Expand
The thermal diffusivity of the organic material of a mound of Formica polyctena Foerst. In relation to the thermoregulation of the brood (Hymenoptera, Formicidae).
It is shown that by the construction of the mound the ants primarily generate a temperature-gradient during the day that provides them with better opportunities for the selection of the optimum temperatures of the various developmental stages of the brood, especially the pupae, than by nesting in the sand. Expand
Is the mound ofFormica polyctena foerst. in orgin a simulation of a rock
The hypothesis is suggested that the mound of red wood antFormica polyctena has evolved as a simulation of a rock. Expand
A small-scale saturator for experiments in which a high accuracy in humidity is required
A saturator of small dimensions with dewpoint temperatures ranging from 2°C to 30°C with a long-term stability of ±0.05°C and a maximum output of 400 1/h can be attained. Expand
A climate room for precise regulation of temperature and humidity in connection with a temperature-regulated nest site for wood ants
A climate room is described for precise regulation of temperature and humidity and a temperature-regulated nest site for Red Wood Ants is also described. Expand
Signs of an early spring
High winds and snow began Monday, Feb. 1, with 6.2 inches that day, according to official Holyoke weather observer Dan Kafka. Annual events like the Chamber of Commerce Gala and the Friends of theExpand
When is Verbal Abuse Serious ? The Impact of Relationship Variables on Perceptions of Severity
Perceptions of verbal abuse were examined in a sample of 120 female undergraduate students. Participants read a scenario depicting a verbally abusive situation between a male and a female collegeExpand