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Miners and merchants in Bourbon Mexico, 1763-1810
The aim of this study is to define that distinctive blend of enlightened despotism and entrepreneurial talent which created Bourbon Mexico. The period 1763-1810 was a crucial and distinctive stage inExpand
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Colonial Silver Mining: Mexico and Peru
C OLONIAL SILVER MINING began when European techniques of production were introduced into the New World to satisfy the sustained European demand for precious metals. At first the industry formedExpand
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Bourbon Spain and its American Empire
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Creole Nationalism and Mexican Liberalism
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Haciendas and Ranchos in the Mexican Bajío: León 1700-1860
1. Introduction: the Mexican hacienda 2. The Bajio 3. Population 4. The structure of agricultural production 5. Profits and rents: three haciendas 6. Landlords 7. Rancheros 8. Agricultural prices andExpand
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Manuel Gamio and Official Indigenismo in Mexico
In the realm of public ideology, the Mexican Revolution was preceded and accompanied by an upsurge in nationalism. Intellectuals as diverse as Andres Molina Enriquez and Jose Vasconcelos denouncedExpand
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Tridentine Catholicism and Enlightened Despotism in Bourbon Mexico
In I799 Dr Juan Jose de Gamboa, an influential canon of the cathedral chapter in Mexico City, presented a lengthy petition on behalf of the Marquesa of Selva Nevada seeking permission to found aExpand
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