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Women's emotional adjustment to IVF: a systematic review of 25 years of research.
This review provides an overview of how women adjust emotionally to the various phases of IVF treatment in terms of anxiety, depression or general distress before, during and after differentExpand
Health-related quality of life in relation to gender and age in couples planning IVF treatment.
BACKGROUND Specific subgroups of people planning IVF might be at risk of having more psychological or health-related problems. Identification of subgroups at risk may better enable allocation ofExpand
Two cycles with single embryo transfer versus one cycle with double embryo transfer: a randomized controlled trial.
BACKGROUND With the aim of reducing the number of multiple pregnancies after IVF we investigated the effectiveness of two cycles with single embryo transfer (SET) and one cycle with double embryoExpand
The importance of folate, zinc and antioxidants in the pathogenesis and prevention of subfertility.
Current treatments of subfertile couples are usually empiric, as the true cause of subfertility often remains unknown. Therefore, we outline the role of nutritional and biochemical factors inExpand
Effects of subfertility cause, smoking and body weight on the success rate of IVF.
BACKGROUND We investigated the separate and combined effects of smoking and body mass index (BMI) on the success rate of IVF for couples with different causes of subfertility. METHODS The successExpand
The effect of anxiety and depression on the outcome of in-vitro fertilization.
BACKGROUND The study aim was to clarify the role of anxiety and depression on the outcome in assisted reproductive treatment. Previous studies on this topic have shown contradicting results, whichExpand
Predicting ongoing pregnancy chances after IVF and ICSI: a national prospective study.
BACKGROUND The Dutch IVF guideline suggests triage of patients for IVF based on diagnostic category, duration of infertility and female age. There is no evidence for the effectiveness of theseExpand
Asymmetry in Histone H3 variants and lysine methylation between paternal and maternal chromatin of the early mouse zygote
In mammalian fertilization, the paternal genome is delivered to the secondary oocyte by sperm with protamine compacted DNA, while the maternal genome is arrested in meiotic metaphase II. Thus, at theExpand
Obstetric outcome of singleton pregnancies after IVF: a matched control study in four Dutch university hospitals.
In singleton pregnancies after IVF a high rate of preterm deliveries and an increased rate of small-for-gestational age (SGA) children in comparison to the general parturient population have beenExpand
Cost analysis of singleton versus twin pregnancies after in vitro fertilization.
OBJECTIVE To determine the difference in costs between singleton and twin pregnancies after IVF treatment from pregnancy to 6 weeks after delivery from a health care perspective. DESIGNExpand