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[Glaucoma in aniridia].
Aniridia consists in a congenital absence of the iris, with incidence varying from 1/64,000 to 1/96,000. This complex embryologic malformation involves the iris, trabecula, and cornea with limbalExpand
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[Lisch nodules].
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[Multifocal implants of 3 optic zones: optical performance and clinical functional results].
PURPOSE Evaluation of multifocal IOL (three optical zones). METHODS Twenty patients were implanted. Main outcome measures were: uncorrected and best corrected distance and near acuity, brigthnessExpand
[Early visual screening appears essential to detect complete amblyopia risk and to treat strabismus earlier].
INTRODUCTION Early medical examinations performed in 2-, 4-, 9-, and 24-month-olds need to set up a technique adapted to infants and children. The aim of this study was to describe the technique andExpand
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[WAGR Syndrome].
[Ocular manifestations of Down syndrome and cytogenic aspects].
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[Combined glaucoma cataract surgeries].
The combined cataract-glaucoma surgery is a procedure gaining a higher role in the surgical treatment for patients having both cataract and glaucoma. Both these pathologies are strongly related toExpand
[Clinical study of Supranettes pads in the treatment of seasonal or perennial allergic conjunctivitis in children].
PURPOSE Ocular allergy is a common disease that is on the rise. Seasonal and perennial conjunctivitis are the most common forms of ocular allergy. Itching, hyperemia, foreign body sensation,Expand
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[Lasik correction of compound myopic astigmatism with positive versus negative cylinder ablations].
PURPOSE To compare the predictability, efficacy, and safety of two methods of Lasik correction of compound myopic astigmatism: positive cylinder ablation versus negative cylinder ablation. METHODSExpand