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An actualistic perspective into Archean worlds - (cyano-)bacterially induced sedimentary structures in the siliciclastic Nhlazatse Section, 2.9 Ga Pongola Supergroup, South Africa.
Extensive microbial mats colonize sandy tidal flats that form along the coasts of today's Earth. The microbenthos (mainly cyanobacteria) respond to the prevailing physical sediment dynamics byExpand
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Techniques for assessing the climatic sensitivity of river flow regimes
Regimes are useful tools for characterizing the seasonal behaviour of river flow and other hydroclimatological variables over an annual cycle (hydrological year). This paper develops and tests: (i) aExpand
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Development of a spatial synoptic classification scheme for western Europe
This paper presents a new spatial air-mass climatology for western Europe (WE) based upon the analysis of daily data for 48 climate stations for the period 1974–2000. Referred to as the spatialExpand
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Regional climate and atmospheric circulation controls on the discharge of two British rivers, 1974–97
Summary¶The dependence of the discharge (Q) of two contrasting UK rivers (Itchen, Ewe) on concurrent and lagged regional climate (RC) and atmospheric circulation (AC) variations was assessed over theExpand
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Associations between Western European air-masses and river flow regimes
This paper identifies and models statistical associations between monthly air-mass frequencies and annual flow regime shape (seasonality) and magnitude for Western Europe, using 141 river and 48Expand
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Using Adult Learning Concepts to Create a Positive Pharmacy Preceptorship Experience
One of the most common teaching methods within the world of pharmacy is that of preceptorship. Preceptors facilitate the learning experience of students in a one-to-one relationship that helps toExpand
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Spatial and temporal variability of UK river flow regimes
This paper investigates the spatial distribution and temporal stability of annual flow regimes within the UK, using 25-year records for 35 gauging stations. A multivariate, statistical classificationExpand
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