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A Spirituality of the Road
Believing in the Future: Toward a Missiology of Western Culture
We live in a post-everything era. Michael Polanyi first asked for development of a postcritical and postmodern philosophy in 1958. 60s and 70s brought great upsurge of enthusiasm in world and church;
Leadership by implemen ng technology‐based solu ons that improve effec veness, efficiency, and flexibility in academic and administra ve pursuits.
Theological Education in Missionary Perspective
Concerned that missiology is being neglected as a theological discipline in academic circles, Professor Bosch here gives us a historical overview of missiology and proceeds to show how the
Evangelism: Theological Currents and Cross-Currents Today
M y assignment is to provide a concise survey of the ways in which evangelism is being understood and practiced today. I assume that this does not preclude an attempt to give my own view on what I
Witness to the World: The Christian Mission in Theological Perspective
christianity the christian community and the world christianity the christian community and the world from the perspectives of history and sociology the christian community has been related to the
The Afrikaner and South Africa
“The religious roots of Afrikaner nationalism … can be traced back … to the influences of Reformed evangelicalism, Kuyperian Calvinism, and Romantic nationalism… As of last year, however, the entire