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Estimating the reproducibility of psychological science
A large-scale assessment suggests that experimental reproducibility in psychology leaves a lot to be desired, and correlational tests suggest that replication success was better predicted by the strength of original evidence than by characteristics of the original and replication teams.
Estimating psychological networks and their accuracy: A tutorial paper
The current state-of-the-art of network estimation is introduced and a rationale why researchers should investigate the accuracy of psychological networks is provided, and the free R-package bootnet is developed that allows for estimating psychological networks in a generalized framework in addition to the proposed bootstrap methods.
Network analysis: an integrative approach to the structure of psychopathology.
An examines methodologies suited to identify such symptom networks and discusses network analysis techniques that may be used to extract clinically and scientifically useful information from such networks (e.g., which symptom is most central in a person's network).
A network theory of mental disorders
  • D. Borsboom
  • Psychology, Medicine
    World psychiatry : official journal of the World…
  • 1 February 2017
The network theory has direct implications for how to understand diagnosis and treatment, and suggests a clear agenda for future research in psychiatry and associated disciplines.
The concept of validity.
This article advances a simple conception of test validity: A test is valid for measuring an attribute if (a) the attribute exists and (b) variations in the attribute causally produce variation in
Measuring the mind: Conceptual issues in contemporary psychometrics
Preface 1. Introduction 2. True scores 3. Latent variables 4. Scales 5. Relations between the models 6. The concept of validity References Index.
Qgraph: Network visualizations of relationships in psychometric data
The qgraph package for R is presented, which provides an interface to visualize data through network modeling techniques, and is introduced by applying the package functions to data from the NEO-PI-R, a widely used personality questionnaire.
The theoretical status of latent variables.
It is argued that a consistent interpretation of such models requires a realist ontology for latent variables, and a typology of constructs is proposed on the basis of this analysis.
Promoting an open research culture
Author guidelines for journals could help to promote transparency, openness, and reproducibility Transparency, openness, and reproducibility are readily recognized as vital features of science (1,
The attack of the psychometricians
  • D. Borsboom
  • Mathematics, Medicine
  • 1 September 2006
This paper analyzes the theoretical, pragmatic, and substantive factors that have hampered the integration between psychology and psychometrics and a number of promising recent developments are discussed.