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Multicomponent reactive transport modeling in variably saturated porous media using a generalized formulation for kinetically controlled reactions
[1] A generalized formulation for kinetically controlled reactions has been developed and incorporated into a multicomponent reactive transport model to facilitate the investigation of a largeExpand
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Negative pH and Extremely Acidic Mine Waters from Iron Mountain, California
Extremely acidic mine waters with pH values as low as −3.6, total dissolved metal concentrations as high as 200 g/L, and sulfate concentrations as high as 760 g/L, have been encountered undergroundExpand
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Selection of Reactive Mixtures for Use in Permeable Reactive Walls for Treatment of Mine Drainage
Porous, permeable, geochemically reactive walls, installed in situ in the path of migrating groundwater, present a promising passive treatment alternative for remediating metal-contaminatedExpand
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Treatment of inorganic contaminants using permeable reactive barriers 1 1 Disclaimer: The U. S. Envi
Abstract Permeable reactive barriers are an emerging alternative to traditional pump and treat systems for groundwater remediation. This technique has progressed rapidly over the past decade fromExpand
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The geochemistry of acid mine drainage
Mining and mineral processing generates large volumes of waste, including waste rock, mill tailings, and mineral refinery wastes. The oxidation of sulfide minerals in the materials can result in theExpand
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Removal of agricultural nitrate from tile-drainage effluent water using in-line bioreactors
Abstract Two 200-L fixed-bed bioreactors, containing porous-medium material of coarse sand and organic carbon (tree bark, wood chips and leaf compost), were used to treat NO 3 contamination fromExpand
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The pore-water geochemistry and the mineralogy of the vadose zone of sulfide tailings, Waite Amulet, Quebec, Canada
Low-pH waters, requiring treatment because of high concentrations of dissolved metals, are being discharged from a decommissioned tailings impoundment at the former Waite Amulet ZnCu mine inExpand
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Secondary minerals and acid mine-water chemistry
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Geochemistry of a Permeable Reactive Barrier for Metals and Acid Mine Drainage
A permeable reactive barrier, designed to remove metals and generate alkalinity by promoting sulfate reduction and metal sulfide precipitation, was installed in August 1995 into an aquifer containingExpand
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Long‐Term Performance of In Situ Reactive Barriers for Nitrate Remediation
Nitrate is now recognized as a widespread ground water contaminant, which has led to increased efforts to control and mitigate its impacts. This study reports on the long-term performance of fourExpand
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