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Comparison of Stochastic and Deterministic Models of a Linear Chemical Reaction with Diffusion
Particles placed in $N$ cells on the unit interval give birth or die according to linear rates. Adjacent cells are coupled by diffusion with a rate proportional to $N^2$. Cell numbers are divided byExpand
Fourier analysis applied to SPDEs
Solutions of two nonlinear SPDEs are obtained as limits of systems of SDEs. Tightness of the approximating distributions and smoothness of the limiting processes, as measured by Hilbert space norms,Expand
Density-dependent limits for a nonlinear reaction-diffusion model
A reaction-diffusion model, constructed on a grid by linking nonlinear density-dependent birth and death processes through particle diffusion, is studied by proving two laws of large numbers and aExpand
Diffusion limits for a nonlinear density dependent space-time population model
A population density process is constructed using approximately Nl particles performing rate N 2 random walks between N cells distributed on the unit interval. Particles give birth or die withinExpand
On convergence determining and separating classes of functions
Herein, we generalize and extend some standard results on the separation and convergence of probability measures. We use homeomorphism-based methods and work on incomplete metric spaces, SkorokhodExpand
Limit theorems for a sequence of nonlinear reaction-diffusion systems
A space-time jump Markov process, modeling a nonlinear chemical reaction with diffusion, is compared with the solution of a nonlinear reaction-diffusion equation. A central limit theorem and law ofExpand
Artificial learning approaches for multitarget tracking
A hybrid weighted/interacting particle filter, the selectively resampling particle (SERP) filter, is used to detect and track an unknown number of independent targets on a one-dimensional "racetrack"Expand
Euthanasia, capital punishment and mistakes-are-fatal arguments.
  • D. Blount
  • Medicine
  • Public affairs quarterly
  • 1 October 1996
one consistently be both opposed to abortion and euthanasia and in favor of capital punishment? Those who oppose abortion and euthanasia but support capital punishment have been accused of beingExpand
Hölder continuity for spatial and path processes via spectral analysis
Abstract. For ν(dθ), a σ-finite Borel measure on Rd, we consider L2(ν(dθ))-valued stochastic processes Y(t) with te property that Y(t)=y(t,·) where y(t,θ)=∫t0e−λ(θ)(t−s)dm(s,θ) and m(t,θ) is aExpand