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The Global Economic Burden of Noncommunicable Diseases
As policy-makers search for ways to reduce poverty and income inequality, and to achieve sustainable income growth, they are being encouraged to focus on an emerging challenge to health, well-beingExpand
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Demographic Transitions and Economic Miracles in Emerging Asia
The demographic transition a change from high to low rates of mortality and fertility has been more dramatic in East Asia during the twentieth century than in any other region or historical period.Expand
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Geography, demography, and economic growth in Africa.
This paper presents the effects of climate, topography, and natural ecology on public health, nutrition, demographics, technological diffusion, international trade and other determinants ofExpand
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The new economics of labor migration
This paper reviews selected theoretical and empirical developments in the field of labor migration economics. The migration behavior of individuals differs in accordance with their perceived relativeExpand
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The Demographic Dividend: A New Perspective on the Economic Consequences of Population Change
This report reviews the debate over the effects of demographic change on economic growth and examines the research evidence on the economic impact of changes in age structure. It also examines theExpand
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The Effect of Health on Economic Growth: A Production Function Approach
Abstract We estimate a production function model of aggregate economic growth including two variables that microeconomists have identified as fundamental components of human capital: work experienceExpand
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Fertility, female labor force participation, and the demographic dividend
We estimate the effect of fertility on female labor force participation in a panel of countries using abortion legislation as an instrument for fertility. We find that removing legal restrictions onExpand
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Demographic Change, Social Security Systems, and Savings
In theory, improvements in healthy life expectancy should generate increases in the average age of retirement, with little effect on savings rates. In many countries, however, retirement incentivesExpand
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Global Demographic Change: Dimensions and Economic Significance
Transitions from high mortality and fertility to low mortality and fertility can be beneficial to economies as large baby boom cohorts enter the workforce and save for retirement, while risingExpand
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Longevity and Life-Cycle Savings
We add health and longevity to a standard model of life cycle saving and show that, under plausible assumptions, increases in longevity lead to higher savings rates at every age, even when retirementExpand
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