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ISM properties in hydrodynamic galaxy simulations: turbulence cascades, cloud formation, role of gravity and feedback
We study the properties of ISM substructure and turbulence in hydrodynamic (AMR) galaxy simulations with resolutions up to 0.8 pc and 5 � 10 3 M� . We analyse the power spectrum of the densityExpand
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New Extragalactic Perspectives in the New South Africa
What is the nature and composition of the dust grains responsible for the visual extinction in our Galaxy and in other galaxies beyond? What are the ranges in temperature of dust grains? Can these beExpand
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The Hubble Tuning Fork Strikes a New Note
Astronomers have for decades referred to the Hubble Tuning Fork. We show that the actual originator of the Tuning Fork is that of Sir James Jeans. We next focus our attention on the duality of spiralExpand
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K'-band observations of the evil eye galaxy: Are the optical and near-infrared dust albedos identical?
New measurements of the reduction of the V-band surface brightness across the prominent dust feature in the galaxy NGC 4826 are compared with corresponding increases in the V-K' color within theExpand
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Dust-penetrated arm classes: insights from rising and falling rotation curves
We present near-infrared K-band images of 15 galaxies. We have performed a Fourier analysis on the spiral structure of these galaxies in order to determine their pitch angles and dust-penetrated armExpand
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Gravitational torques in spiral galaxies: Gas accretion as a driving mechanism of galactic evolution
The distribution of gravitational torques and bar strengths in the local Universe is derived from a detailed study of 163 galaxies observed in the near-infrared. The results are compared withExpand
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Toward a New Millennium in Galaxy Morphology
Follow up what we will offer in this article about toward a new millennium in galaxy morphology. You know really that this book is coming as the best seller book today. So, when you are really a goodExpand
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Ks-band images of 20 barred galaxies show an increase in the peak amplitude of the normalized m = 2 Fourier component with the R25-normalized radius at this peak. This implies that longer bars haveExpand
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