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The Cosmic Linear Anisotropy Solving System (CLASS). Part II: Approximation schemes
Boltzmann codes are used extensively by several groups for constraining cosmo- logical parameters with Cosmic Microwave Background and Large Scale Structure data. This activity is computationallyExpand
Consistent extension of Horava gravity.
We propose a natural extension of Horava's model for quantum gravity, which is free from the notorious pathologies of the original proposal. The new model endows the scalar graviton mode with aExpand
Models of non-relativistic quantum gravity: the good, the bad and the healthy
Hořava’s proposal for non-relativistic quantum gravity introduces a preferred time foliation of space-time which violates the local Lorentz invariance. The foliation is encoded in a dynamical scalarExpand
On the extra mode and inconsistency of Hořava gravity
We address the consistency of Hořava's proposal for a theory of quantum gravity from the low-energy perspective. We uncover the additional scalar degree of freedom arising from the explicit breakingExpand
Transverse Fierz–Pauli symmetry
Abstract We consider some flat space theories for spin 2 gravitons, with less invariance than full diffeomorphisms. For the massless case, classical stability and absence of ghosts require invarianceExpand
Horava gravity versus thermodynamics: The Black hole case
Under broad assumptions, breaking of Lorentz invariance in gravitational theories leads to tension with unitarity because it allows for processes that apparently violate the second law ofExpand
Renormalization of Hořava gravity
We prove perturbative renormalizability of projectable Horava gravity. The key element of the argument is the choice of a gauge which ensures the correct anisotropic scaling of the propagators andExpand
Scale-invariant alternatives to general relativity
We study the general class of gravitational field theories constructed on the basis of scale invariance (and therefore absence of any mass parameters) and invariance under transverse diffeomorphisms,Expand
Refined Bounds on MeV-scale Thermal Dark Sectors from BBN and the CMB
New light states thermally coupled to the Standard Model plasma alter the expansion history of the Universe and impact the synthesis of the primordial light elements. In this work, we carry out anExpand
Structure formation with massive neutrinos: going beyond linear theory
We compute non-linear corrections to the matter power spectrum taking the time- and scale-dependent free-streaming length of neutrinos into account. We adopt a hybrid scheme that matches the fullExpand