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Conservation status of New Zealand lichens
The first listing of the conservation status of lichens indigenous to the New Zealand Botanical Region (excluding Macquarie Island) is presented and five lichens are listed as ‘Taxonomically Indeterminate’, being lichens which may warrant further conservation attention once their taxonomic status is clarified.
Changes in Stomatal Density over Time (1769–2015) in the New Zealand Endemic Tree Corynocarpus laevigatus J. R. Forst. & G. Forst. (Corynocarpaceae)
Stomatal density of leaves of the New Zealand endemic tree Corynocarpus laevigatus (karaka), collected by Banks and Solander on Cook's first voyage to the South Pacific in 1769–1770, is compared with nineteenth, twentieth, and twenty-first-century material of the same species.
Styloid crystals in the genus Libertia (Iridaceae)
The presence of styloids in L. micrantha and L. pulchella supports the retention of these species in Libertia rather than Sisyrinchium, and appears to be absent from rhizomes examined in this study.
Notes on Caloplaca allanii Zahlbr. (Teloschistaceae) a poorly known West Auckland, North Island, New Zealand endemic
The rediscovery of Caloplaca allanii (Teloschistaceae), a lichen previously known only from the type collection, is reported, and it is assessed as ‘Threatened’/‘Nationally Critical’ using the New Zealand Threat Classification System.
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Flora of Australia Volume 58A. Lichens 3 edited by P. M. McCarthy. ABRS/CSIRO Publishing, Melbourne. 2001. 264 p. Hardback ISBN 0643067132; price A$85.00. Paperback ISBN 0643067124; price A$70.00.