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Trypanosoma cruzi I genotypes in different geographical regions and transmission cycles based on a microsatellite motif of the intergenic spacer of spliced-leader genes.
The intergenic region of spliced-leader (SL-IR) genes from 105 Trypanosoma cruzi I infected biological samples, culture isolates and stocks from 11 endemic countries were characterised, allowing identification of 76 genotypes with 54 polymorphic sites from 123 aligned sequences. Expand
Saksenaea vasiformis Infection, French Guiana
A nonimmunocompromised 47-year-old woman with a long history of non–type 1 diabetes mellitus, who had lived in French Guiana for many years, was admitted to Cayenne Hospital on November 18, 2005, with a cutaneous lesion of the abdominal wall and a fever that had lasted for 5 days before she was hospitalized. Expand
Human impact on genetic diversity of Toxoplasma gondii: example of the anthropized environment from French Guiana.
The anthropization of the environment seems to be accompanied with a decreased diversity of T. gondii associated with a greater structure of the populations, and the two environmental populations "wild" and "anthropized" were genetically well differentiated. Expand
Disseminated Histoplasmosis in HIV-Infected Patients in South America: A Neglected Killer Continues on Its Rampage
In the context of the South American pathogen ecology, the systemic mycosis due to Histoplasma capsulatum var. Expand
The triatominae species of French Guiana (Heteroptera: Reduviidae).
An annotated list of the triatomine species present in French Guiana is given. It is based on field collections carried out between 1993-2008, museum collections and a literature review. FourteenExpand
Characteristics and specificities of Cryptococcus infections in French Guiana, 1998-2008.
The overall epidemiology of cryptococcosis in French Guiana is more similar to that found in South America, particularly with reference to the serotypes of the causative yeasts, which may explain the significant incidence of this disease, particularly in HIV-negative and immunocompetent patients. Expand
Detection of Histoplasma capsulatum DNA in human samples by real-time polymerase chain reaction.
The protocol presented here may be very useful for improving routine histoplasmosis diagnosis, and in fact produced better sensitivity and specificity results than the molecular approach. Expand
New Rickettsia species in soft ticks Ornithodoros hasei collected from bats in French Guiana.
This is the first report showing the presence of nucleic acid of Rickettsia in Ornithodoros hasei ticks from South American bats, and the sequences of this new species were deposited in GenBank as CandidatusRickettsia wissemanii. Expand
Risk Factors for Disseminated Histoplasmosis in a Cohort of HIV-Infected Patients in French Guiana
Predictive factors for disseminated histoplasmosis and its outcome in HIV patients in an Amazonian environment during the HAART era provides predictive factors for death within 6 months of diagnosis and decreases in incidence. Expand
High Performance of Histidine-Rich Protein 2 Based Rapid Diagnostic Tests in French Guiana are Explained by the Absence of pfhrp2 Gene Deletion in P. falciparum
Field isolates lacking either exon of the pfhrp2 gene are absent in this western part of South America, and the SD Malaria Ag test P.f/Pan® kit is a satisfying alternative to microscopy in remote health centers, where it is difficult to provide highly skilled microscopists and to maintain the necessary equipment. Expand