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Localized charge carriers in graphene nanodevices
Graphene—two-dimensional carbon—is a material with unique mechanical, optical, chemical, and electronic properties. Its use in a wide range of applications was therefore suggested. From an electronicExpand
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Reactive-ion-etched graphene nanoribbons on a hexagonal boron nitride substrate
We report on the fabrication and electrical characterization of both single layer graphene micron-sized devices and nanoribbons on a hexagonal boron nitride substrate. We show that the micron-sizedExpand
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Localized electrons in graphene nanostructures
Graphene consists of a single layer of carbon atoms arranged in a honeycomb lattice. Its special mechanical, thermal, optical and electronic properties make it a promising material for a wide rangeExpand
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Fabry-Pérot interference in gapped bilayer graphene with broken anti-Klein tunneling.
We report the experimental observation of Fabry-Pérot interference in the conductance of a gate-defined cavity in a dual-gated bilayer graphene device. The high quality of the bilayer graphene flake,Expand
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Anomalous sequence of quantum Hall liquids revealing a tunable Lifshitz transition in bilayer graphene.
Bilayer graphene is a unique system where both the Fermi energy and the low-energy electron dispersion can be tuned. This is brought about by an interplay between trigonal warping and the band gapExpand
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Characterizing wave functions in graphene nanodevices: Electronic transport through ultrashort graphene constrictions on a boron nitride substrate
We present electronic transport measurements through short and narrow (30x30 nm) single layer graphene constrictions on a hexagonal boron nitride substrate. While the general observation ofExpand
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Raman spectroscopy on etched graphene nanoribbons
We investigate etched single-layer graphene nanoribbons with different widths ranging from 30 to 130 nm by confocal Raman spectroscopy. We show that the D-line intensity only depends on theExpand
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Ultrasmooth metallic foils for growth of high quality graphene by chemical vapor deposition.
Synthesis of graphene by chemical vapor deposition is a promising route for manufacturing large-scale high-quality graphene for electronic applications. The quality of the employed substrates plays aExpand
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Fast detection of single-charge tunneling to a graphene quantum dot in a multi-level regime
In situ-tunable radio-frequency reflectometry is used for fast charge-detection measurements on a graphene single quantum dot. The variable capacitance of our special matching network both grantsExpand
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