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Quantum information processing and communication
Abstract.We present an excerpt of the document “Quantum Information Processing and Communication: Strategic report on current status, visions and goals for research in Europe”, which has been
Spectral functions of confined particles
Spatial soliton formation in photonic crystal fibers.
It is shown that the photonic crystal cladding is able to stabilize these solutions, which would be unstable otherwise if the medium was entirely homogeneous.
Yang-Mills two-point functions in linear covariant gauges
In this work we use two different but complementary approaches in order to study the ghost propagator of a pure SU(3) Yang-Mills theory quantized in the linear covariant gauges, focusing on its
The gluon mass generation mechanism: A concise primer
We present a pedagogical overview of the nonperturbative mechanism that endows gluons with a dynamical mass. This analysis is performed based on pure Yang–Mills theories in the Landau gauge, within
Vortex solitons in photonic crystal fibers.
The existence of vortex soliton solutions in photonic crystal fibers is demonstrated and an analytical prediction for the angular dependence of the amplitude and phase of the vortex solution based on group theory is provided.
Effective charge from lattice QCD
Using lattice configurations for quantum chromodynamics (QCD) generated with three domain-wall fermions at a physical pion mass, we obtain a parameter-free prediction of QCD's