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Distributed Generation Technologies and Optimization
Abstract This paper describes the main technologies used for distributed generation and the optimization of a system that contains these technologies. The term distributed generation refers to theExpand
Micro-grid Development Using Artificial Neural Network for Renewable Energy Forecast and System Control
Abstract This article presents an approach to develop an electrical micro-grid with more than one renewable energy source. The micro-grid is considered as a discrete power system composed ofExpand
Power engineering education using NEPLAN software
Many electrical and power systems engineering laboratories must be virtual ones, because practical experiences cannot be performed on a HV transmission system and some of the equipments required areExpand
SCADA Simulation of a Distributed Generation System with Storage Technologies
Abstract This paper describes the simulation of a distributed generation system with storage technologies. The simulation is performed using a SCADA software for a distributed generation system,Expand
Optimization of generation cost in a microgrid
Abstract In this paper is determined the optimal power that needs to be generated by the units in a microgrid so that the total generation cost should be minimum at the consumer premises. TheExpand
Effects of Distributed Generation on Electric Power Systems
Abstract This paper describes the effects of distributed generation on electric power systems. Distributed generation is a term that refers to the production of electricity near the consumptionExpand
Bilateral orbital and optic nerve endoscopic endonasal decompression for nonspecific inflammatory orbital disease: case report.
Bilateral orbital and optic nerve decompression was performed as an emergency procedure with a favorable ophthalmological result and should be taken in consideration in atypical clinical settings causing severe acute visual loss. Expand
Distributed generation and virtual power plants
The paper describes the main characteristics of distributed generation (DG) and Virtual Power Plants (VPP). Distributed generation refers to the production of electricity near the consumption placeExpand
Optimal Location of a Distributed Generator for Power Losses Improvement
The optimal location of a 2.3 MW distributed generator in a test system (IEEE 14 bus test system) based on the power losses is described, using the Newton-Raphson extended method. Expand