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Plant diversity in two forest types along the disturbance gradient in Dewalgarh Watershed, Garhwal Himalaya.
The study showed that the moderately disturbed stand favoured density and species richness in both the forest types, and a sharp decline was recorded in tree density and basal area with increasing disturbance magnitude in both types of forests. Expand
Circannual rhythm of food intake in spotted munia and its phase relationship with fattening and reproductive cycles
The phase relationships of these three parameters were almost normal, which may indicate that the endogenous oscillators for the cycles of reproduction, body weight and food intake are linked. Expand
Climate trends and impacts on crop production in the Koshi River basin of Nepal
Understanding crop responses to climate is essential to cope with anticipated changes in temperature and precipitation. We investigated the climate–crop yield relationship and the impact ofExpand
Avian species distribution along elevation at Doon Valley (foot hills of western Himalayas), Uttarakhand, and its association with vegetation structure
Abstract We assessed a diverse avian population during February 2013 to February 2014 at Doon Valley forest. During the study period we recorded a total of 218 species (18,982 individuals) belongingExpand
Avian diversity and its association with vegetation structure in different elevational zones of Nainital district (Western Himalayan) of Uttarakhand
It is suggested that vegetation structure of the habitat seems to be one of the key features which influence the avian species at local level. Expand
The effect of mate removal on dawn singing behaviour in male pied bush chats
It is suggested that males use dawn chorus to mediate social relationships with neighbouring males to proclaim an established territory in pied bush chats Saxicola caprata. Expand
Foraging ecology of Red-vented Bulbul Pycnonotus cafer in Haridwar, India
Data has been collected on the foraging behaviour of Red-vented Bulbul, and attempts have been made to analyse the economic importance of this species in terms of loss, if any, it causes to horticulture/agriculture. Expand
Bird community structure in natural and urbanized habitats along an altitudinal gradient in Pauri district (Garhwal Himalaya) of Uttarakhand state, India
In the Indian subcontinent there is hardly any study that compares the bird community structure of urban/suburban areas with those of forest habitat. The present survey identified diverse assemblagesExpand
Nesting success of the oriental magpie robin Copsychus saularis in nest boxes and tree cavities
Nesting success did not differ significantly between nest boxes and tree cavities or during different years, and nest box may act as an alternative nesting site for the OMR and perhaps for other secondary cavity nesters facing scarcity of nesting sites due to rapid urbanization. Expand
Reproduction Strategies in Birds of the Tropics
Reproduction in wild vertebrates, subject to the seasonally changing environment, is thus a predominantly periodic phenomenon. Expand