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Kinetics of exocytosis and endocytosis at the cochlear inner hair cell afferent synapse of the mouse.
  • T. Moser, D. Beutner
  • Biology, Medicine
  • Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences…
  • 18 January 2000
The presynaptic function of single mouse IHCs is studied by monitoring membrane capacitance changes and voltage-gated Ca(2+) currents and the observed secretory depression is interpreted as depletion of a readily releasable pool (RRP) of about 280 vesicles. Expand
Calcium Dependence of Exocytosis and Endocytosis at the Cochlear Inner Hair Cell Afferent Synapse
Higher [Ca2+]i increased the contribution of a faster mode of endocytosis with a Ca2+ independent time constant of approximately 300 ms, which provide for rapid and sustained transmitter release from this large presynaptic terminal. Expand
The Presynaptic Function of Mouse Cochlear Inner Hair Cells during Development of Hearing
The efficacy whereby Ca2+ influx triggers exocytosis increased toward maturation, such that vesicle fusion caused by a given Ca2-channel expression and synaptic efficacy occurred faster in mature IHCs. Expand
Structure and Function of the Hair Cell Ribbon Synapse
This review focuses on major advances in understanding the hair cell afferent synapse molecular anatomy and function that have been achieved during the past years. Expand
Prevalence of auditory neuropathy/synaptopathy in a population of children with profound hearing loss.
This study shows that AN/AS is a common finding in the population of hearing impaired infants, and clinicians and other health care professionals should generally be sensitised forAN/AS in infants, so that an appropriate treatment can promptly be initiated. Expand
Submandibular gland excision: 15 years of experience.
A large series of unselected submandibular sialadenectomy is a safe operation with a low rate of complications andMalignant disease is frequent in tumors of the sub mandibular gland. Expand
Targeted next generation sequencing of parotid gland cancer uncovers genetic heterogeneity
Interestingly, 14% of tumors revealed mutations in surface growth factor receptor genes including ALK, HER2, ERBB4, FGFR, cMET and RET, which might prove to be targetable by new therapeutic agents. Expand
Characterization of tumor-associated T-lymphocyte subsets and immune checkpoint molecules in head and neck squamous cell carcinoma
The tumor microenvironment of HNSCC is characterized by a strong infiltration of regulatory T cells and high checkpoint molecule expression on T-cell subsets, which is of high translational relevance. Expand
Do the blinds smell better?
Neither the overall olfactory performance nor any of its subtests did correlate with the vision or with the duration of blindness, and the study could not detect any superior smell abilities of blind subjects as compared to sighted subjects. Expand
Postural control before and after cochlear implantation: Standard cochleostomy versus round window approach
The approach to the cochlea did not influence postural control after cochlear implantation (CI) surgery, and the mCTSIB composite value improved within 6 weeks after surgery compared with the values obtained before surgery. Expand