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Prevalence of antibodies to Neospora caninum in dogs from Amazon, Brazil.
Neospora caninum is an important cause of abortion in dairy cattle worldwide. Dogs are important in the epidemiology of this parasite because they are the only hosts known to excrete N. caninumExpand
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Prevalence of Neospora caninum antibodies and factors associated with their presence in dairy cattle of the north of Paraná state, Brazil.
To determine the prevalence of Neospora caninum antibodies and associated factors, blood sera from 623 female dairy cattle from 23 farms in the north of the state of Paraná, Brazil, were analyzed byExpand
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Ocorrência de anticorpos anti-Neospora caninum em soros bovinos procedentes de seis Estados brasileiros
RAGOZO, A.M.A.R., PAULA, V.S.O., SOUZA, S.L.P., BERGSMASCHI, D.P., GENNARI, S.M. [Occurrence of antibodies anti-Neospora caninum in bovine sera from six Brazilian states.] Ocorrência de anticorposExpand
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Amputações de extremidades inferiores por diabetes mellitus: estudo caso-controle
OBJETIVO: As amputacoes de extremidades inferiores sao cada vez mais frequentes em pessoas com diabetes mellitus, tornando-se importante problema de saude publica, no Brasil e no mundo. O estudoExpand
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Comparação entre pesquisa larvária e armadilha de oviposição, para detecção de Aedes aegypti
This study compares two techniques for detecting the presence of Aedes aegypti: larval surveys and the oviposition trap. 5,026 households in two areas of the municipality of Salvador, Bahia, BrazilExpand
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Comparison of methods to measure body fat in 7-to-10-year-old children: a systematic review.
OBJECTIVE To investigate methodological aspects in body fat (BF) measurements in 7-to-10-year-old children. STUDY DESIGN Systematic review of the literature. METHODS The studies were chosen fromExpand
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Infestation of Aedes aegypti estimated by oviposition traps in Brazil.
OBJECTIVE To assess infestation levels of Aedes aegypti using the oviposition trap (ovitrap) method and to compare these results with data obtained with the use of indices traditionally applied inExpand
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Impacto da adequação da oferta energética sobre a mortalidade em pacientes de UTI recebendo nutrição enteral
OBJECTIVE: To investigate the relationship between adequacy of energy intake and intensive care unit mortality in patients receiving exclusive enteral nutrition therapy. METHODS: Observational andExpand
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Blood feeding patterns of Nyssomyia intermedia and Nyssomyia neivai (Diptera, Psychodidae) in a cutaneous leishmaniasis endemic area of the Ribeira Valley, State of São Paulo, Brazil.
INTRODUCTION The aim of this study was to identify the blood feeding sources of Nyssomyia intermedia (Ny. intermedia) and Nyssomyia neivai (Ny. neivai), which are Leishmania vectors and theExpand
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Elevated Risk for HIV-1 Infection in Adolescents and Young Adults in São Paulo, Brazil
Background Recent studies have sought to describe HIV infection and transmission characteristics around the world. Identification of early HIV-1 infection is essential to proper surveillance andExpand
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