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MR imaging of anterior cruciate ligament injury: independent value of primary and secondary signs.
OBJECTIVE The purpose of this blinded study was to test the value of primary and secondary signs, independent of each other, for diagnosis of a tear of the anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) by meansExpand
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Comparison of integrated electromyographic activity and lumbar curvature during standing and during sitting in three chairs.
The purposes of this study were to monitor the integrated electromyographic activity of the erector spinae (ES) muscles and to measure lumbar curvature (LC) during static and dynamic postures inExpand
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Anterior rim tibial plateau fractures and posterolateral corner knee injury
The aim of this study was to review MRI findings of clinically suspected posterolateral corner knee injuries and their associated internal derangements. Sixteen knees in 15 patients who had evidenceExpand
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Complications and Vascular Salvage of Free‐Tissue Transfers to the Extremities
Complications were examined in 122 free flaps to lower and upper extremities in 104 patients, and vascular salvage was examined in 182 free flaps to lower and upper extremities in 158 patients. AllExpand
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Suspected appendicitis in children: diagnostic importance of normal abdominopelvic CT findings with nonvisualized appendix.
PURPOSE To determine whether lack of visualization of the appendix on otherwise normal abdominopelvic computed tomographic (CT) images can help exclude appendicitis in the pediatric population. Expand
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Lumbar spine MRI in the elite-level female gymnast with low back pain
ObjectivePrevious studies have shown increased degenerative disk changes and spine injuries in the competitive female gymnast. However, it has also been shown that many of these findings are found inExpand
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Effect of Occupational Keyboard Typing on Magnetic Resonance Imaging of the Median Nerve in Subjects with and without Symptoms of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
Shafer-Crane GA, Meyer RA, Schlinger MC, Bennett DL, Robinson KK, Rechtien JJ: Effect of occupational keyboard typing on magnetic resonance imaging of the median nerve in subjects with and withoutExpand
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Patellar fractures after total knee replacement.
OBJECTIVE The objective of our study was to describe the patterns of patellar fracture after total knee replacement and assess their clinical significance. MATERIALS AND METHODS A retrospectiveExpand
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Extramammary Findings on Breast MR Examinations: Frequency, Clinical Relevance, and Patient Outcomes.
PURPOSE To evaluate the frequency of extramammary findings on breast magnetic resonance (MR) images, recommendations for further imaging evaluation of each finding, and the subsequent effect onExpand
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Ball-thrower’s fracture of the humerus
Abstract.A relatively rare case of ball-thrower’s fracture of the humerus is presented. Severe muscular action is an uncommon cause of humeral fractures but has been well documented in the orthopedicExpand
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