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Interacting diffusive unified dark energy and dark matter from scalar fields
Here we generalize ideas of unified dark matter–dark energy in the context of two measure theories and of dynamical space time theories. In two measure theories one uses metric independent volumeExpand
Quadratic curvature theories formulated as covariant canonical gauge theories of gravity
The Covariant Canonical Gauge theory of Gravity is generalized by including at the Lagrangian level all possible quadratic curvature invariants. In this approach, the covariant Hamiltonian principleExpand
Dynamically generated inflation from non-Riemannian volume forms
We propose a simple modified gravity model without any initial matter fields in terms of several alternative non-Riemannian spacetime volume elements within the metric (second order) formalism. WeExpand
Unified dark energy and dark matter from dynamical spacetime
A unification of dark matter and dark energy based on a dynamical space time theory is suggested. By introducing a dynamical space time vector field $\chi_\mu$ as a Lagrange multiplier, aExpand
The scale factor potential approach to inflation
We propose a new approach to investigate inflation in a model-independent way, and in particular to elaborate the involved observables, through the introduction of the “scale factor potential”.Expand
Unified DE-DM with diffusive interactions scenario from scalar fields
Generalized models of unified dark matter (DM) and dark energy (DE) in the context of Two Measure Theories and of dynamical spacetime theories are obtained. In Two Measure Theories, one uses metricExpand
Unification of dark energy and dark matter from diffusive cosmology
Generalized ideas of unified dark matter and dark energy in the context of dynamical space time theories with a diffusive transfer of energy are studied. The dynamical space-time theories areExpand
Dark energy and dark matter unification from dynamical space time: observational constraints and cosmological implications
A recently proposed Dynamical Space-time Cosmology (DSC) that unifies dark energy and dark matter is studied. The general action of this scenario includes a Lagrange multiplier, which is coupled toExpand
Quintessential inflation from Lorentzian slow roll
From the assumption that the slow-roll parameter $$\varepsilon $$ ε has a Lorentzian form as a function of the e-fold number N , a successful model of a quintessential inflation is obtained, asExpand
Dynamically Generated Inflationary ΛCDM
Our primary objective is to construct a plausible, unified model of inflation, dark energy and dark matter from a fundamental Lagrangian action first principle, wherein all fundamental ingredientsExpand