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Retama species growing in different ecological-climatic areas of northeastern Algeria have a narrow range of rhizobia that form a novel phylogenetic clade within the Bradyrhizobium genus.
Sixty-seven isolates were isolated from nodules collected on roots of Mediterranean shrubby legumes Retama raetam and Retama sphaerocarpa growing in seven ecological-climatic areas of northeasternExpand
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Phylogenetic diversity of Bradyrhizobium strains nodulating Calicotome spinosa in the Northeast of Algeria.
Fifty-two slow-growing strains were isolated from root nodules of Calicotome spinosa grown in the Northeast of Algeria and grouped in 24 rep-PCR clusters. One representative strain for each profileExpand
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Vicia faba L. in the Bejaia region of Algeria is nodulated by Rhizobium leguminosarum sv. viciae, Rhizobium laguerreae and two new genospecies.
Fifty-eight rhizobial strains were isolated from root nodules of Vicia faba cv. Equina and Vicia faba cv. Minor by the host-trapping method in soils collected from eleven sites in Bejaia, EasternExpand
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Occurrence and clonal diversity of multidrug-resistant Klebsiella pneumoniae recovered from inanimate surfaces in Algerian hospital environment: First report of armA, qnrB and aac(6')-Ib-cr genes.
PURPOSE The aim of this study is to characterize the molecular support of antibiotic resistance in MDR Klebsiella pneumoniae recovered from inanimate surfaces between March 2012 to February 2014 inExpand
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Prophylaxie primaire des infections bactériennes chez les patients cirrhotiques : revue systématique et méta-analyse en réseau
Introduction L’interet de la prophylaxie primaire des infections bacteriennes chez les patients cirrhotiques a fait l’objet de nombreuses etudes avec des resultats contradictoires. L’objectif estExpand
Removal of lead by exopolysaccharides from Paenibacillus peoriae strainTS7 isolated from rhizosphere of durum wheat
Abstract This work aimed to study the removal of heavy metal ions in aqueous solution by extracellular polysaccharides (EPS) extracted from bacterial strain coded TS7. The 16S ribosomal RNA geneExpand
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Symbiotic, phenotypic and genotypic characterization of Bradyrhizobium sp. nodulating Spartium junceum L. from Bejaia, northeastern Algeria
Twenty-three bacterial strains were isolated from root nodules of Spartium junceum L., growing wild in four distinct geographic locations in Bejaia city (Northeastern Algeria). They were analyzedExpand