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Synthesis of Zwitterionic 1,1′-Glycosylphosphodiester: A Partial Structure of Galactosamine-Modified Francisella Lipid A
The carbohydrate epitope of Francisella lipid A modified with α-d-galactosamine at the anomerically linked phosphate has been stereoselectively prepared and coupled to maleimide-activated bovine serum albumin via an amide-linked thiol-terminated spacer group. Expand
Emission wavelength dependence of fluorescence lifetimes of bacteriological spores and pollens.
Use of fluorescence lifetimes as a function of emission wavelength for different materials using point- detection methods appears to be an additional viable option, although the lifetimes range only between 2 and 6 ns, most biological materials tested in this study were distinguishable. Expand
The Podostemad Puzzle: The Evolution of Unusual Morphology in the Podostemaceae
The family Podostemaceae is a family of aquatic eudicots known as river weeds that grow on rocks in rapids and waterfalls, mostly in tropical and subtropical regions, that appears specialized for clinging to rocks in moving water. Expand
Label-free detection of Giardia lamblia cysts in water samples using a field-portable imaging flow cytometer and deep learning
We report a label-free, field-portable, holographic imaging flow cytometer that can automatically detect and count Giardia lamblia cysts in water samples with a throughput of 100 mL/h. Our cytometerExpand
Phenotypic Analysis of Microalgae Populations Using Label-Free Imaging Flow Cytometry and Deep Learning
This study highlights the need to understand more fully the phytochemical properties of E.coli that contribute to the growth and physical characteristics of microalgae in marine environments. Expand