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Terahertz Magnetic Response from Artificial Materials
It is shown that magnetic response at terahertz frequencies can be achieved in a planar structure composed of nonmagnetic conductive resonant elements and suggested that artificial magnetic structures, or hybrid structures that combine natural and artificial magnetic materials, can play a key role in teraHertz devices. Expand
Dirac charge dynamics in graphene by infrared spectroscopy
A remarkable manifestation of the quantum character of electrons in matter is offered by graphene, a single atomic layer of graphite. Unlike conventional solids where electrons are described with theExpand
Gate-tuning of graphene plasmons revealed by infrared nano-imaging
Using infrared nano-imaging, it is shown that common graphene/SiO2/Si back-gated structures support propagating surface plasmons and changes both the amplitude and the wavelength are altered by varying the gate voltage. Expand
Electrodynamics of correlated electron materials
We review studies of the electromagnetic response of various classes of correlated electron materials including transition metal oxides, organic and molecular conductors, intermetallic compounds withExpand
Electronic correlations in the iron pnictides
When electrons experience Coulomb repulsion, their kinetic energy becomes significantly reduced. This effect has now been measured in the pnictide superconductor LaFePO, and shows that correlationsExpand
Infrared nanoscopy of dirac plasmons at the graphene-SiO₂ interface.
Graphene is established as a new medium supporting plasmonic effects that can be controlled by gate voltage and is found to dramatically enhance the near-field interaction with mid-IR surface phonons of SiO(2) substrate at high wavevectors. Expand
Mott Transition in VO2 Revealed by Infrared Spectroscopy and Nano-Imaging
The electronic properties of a prototypical correlated insulator vanadium dioxide in which the metallic state can be induced by increasing temperature is reported, setting the stage for investigations of charge dynamics on the nanoscale in other inhomogeneous correlated electron systems. Expand
Tunable Phonon Polaritons in Atomically Thin van der Waals Crystals of Boron Nitride
The measured dispersion of polaritonic waves was shown to be governed by the crystal thickness according to a scaling law that persists down to a few atomic layers, likely to hold true in other polar van der Waals crystals and may lead to new functionalities. Expand
Electrodynamics of high- T c superconductors
Recent studies of the electromagnetic response of high-Tc superconductors using terahertz, infrared, and optical spectroscopies are reviewed. In combination these experimental techniques provide aExpand
Phase-transition driven memristive system
Memristors are passive circuit elements which behave as resistors with memory. The recent experimental realization of a memristor has triggered interest in this concept and its possible applications.Expand