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Soda pans of the Pannonian steppe harbor unique bacterial communities adapted to multiple extreme conditions
Soda pans of the Pannonian steppe are unique environments regarding their physical and chemical characteristics: shallowness, high turbidity, intermittent character, alkaline pH, polyhumic organicExpand
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Sequencing and phylogenetic analysis identifies candidate members of a new picornavirus genus in terrestrial tortoise species
Near-complete genome sequences of seven picornavirus (PV) strains isolated from different terrestrial tortoise species were determined and characterized. The genome organization of the strains provedExpand
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The complete genome sequence of human adenovirus 84, a highly recombinant new Human mastadenovirus D type with a unique fiber gene.
A novel human adenovirus was isolated from a pediatric case of acute respiratory disease in Panama City, Panama in 2011. The clinical isolate was initially identified as an intertypic recombinantExpand
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A multigene typing system for human adenoviruses reveals a new genotype in a collection of Swedish clinical isolates
Human adenoviruses (HAdVs) are common pathogens that can cause respiratory, gastrointestinal, urogenital, and ocular infections. They are divided into seven species containing 85 genotypes.Expand
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Full-length genome sequence analysis of a Hungarian porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome virus isolated from a pig with severe respiratory disease
Here, we report the isolation of a type 1 porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome virus (PRRSV) strain from a clinical outbreak of severe respiratory problems and high fever. Next-generationExpand
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Lebensformtypen der einheimischen Arten der ungarischen Dendroflora
The author classified the species of the Hugarian dendroflora into a new life form system which was elaborated by using the following principles: scale of lignification, ramification and type ofExpand
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CpG Distribution and Methylation Pattern in Porcine Parvovirus
Based on GC content and the observed/expected CpG ratio (oCpGr), we found three major groups among the members of subfamily Parvovirinae: Group I parvoviruses with low GC content and low oCpGrExpand
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Complete genome sequence and analysis of ictalurid herpesvirus 2
Ictalurid herpesvirus 2 (IcHV-2) has been causing substantial losses in the black bullhead aquaculture industry since the 1990s. Using next-generation sequencing, the genome of IcHV-2 was completelyExpand
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Erdőszegélyek fajösszetételét és szerkezetét meghatározó tényezők
Vizsgalatainkat ket elterő termőhelyi viszonyok kozott kialakult e rdőtarsulas eseteben az erdőallomany es a szomszedos nyilt terulet atmeneti zonajaban vegeztuk. A Budai-hegysegben ket cseres- Expand