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Sudies on low metabolisable energy wheats for poultry using conventional and rapid assay procedures and the effects of processing
1. A significant proportion of wheat cultivars grown in New South Wales had low apparent metabolisable energy (AME) values (< 13.0 MJ/kg dry matter) for growing broilers when determined by theExpand
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The digestion of wheat starch in broiler chickens
Apparent metabolizable energy (AME) of wheat for 6-week-old male broiler chickens was highly correlated with starch digestibility when pelleted diets containing 820 g wheat per kg were fed. StarchExpand
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Non-starch polysaccharides and broiler performance on diets containing soyabean meal as the sole protein concentrate
The total water-soluble and water-insoluble non-starch polysaccharides (NSP) were determined in seven soyabean meals processed in Australia, three soyabean meals processed in the U.S.A., and oneExpand
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Optimum dietary arginine:lysine ratio for broiler chickens is altered during heat stress in association with changes in intestinal uptake and dietary sodium chloride.
1. The effects of varying the dietary arginine:lysine (Arg:Lys) ratio for broiler chickens at thermoneutral and high temperatures was studied in a series of 5 experiments which measured intestinalExpand
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Improving eggshell quality at high temperatures with dietary sodium bicarbonate.
Two experiments were conducted that confirmed the hypothesis that a dietary bicarbonate supplement will improve eggshell quality in hens at high temperatures as long as feed is consumed during theExpand
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Improvement of raw potato starch digestion in chickens by feeding oat hulls and other fibrous feedstuffs
Ground oat hulls significantly improved the digestion of raw potato starch for male broiler chickens. The improvement was dependent upon the level of oat hulls in the diet and the size of the oatExpand
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The influence of environmental temperature, age and sex on the digestibility of amino acids in growing broiler chickens.
The ability of the broiler chicken to metabolise energy and to digest and absorb amino acids increased from 30 to 50 d of age. Although sex had no major effect on metabolisable energy or amino acidExpand
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Nutrition and feeding of poultry
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A role for sodium bicarbonate supplements for growing broilers at high temperatures
The food intake and growth rate of broilers kept at high temperatures can be improved by supplementing the diet or the drinking water with sodium bicarbonate. The response appears to be due to the ...
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Responses of Finishing Broilers at High Temperatures to Dietary Methionine Source and Supplementation Levels
The methionine requirements of 3-6-week-old broilers kept at a constant 30¦C or at diurnally cycling temperatures of 25-35¦C were reduced compared with broilers kept at 21¦C. The methionineExpand
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