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I Am in John's Gospel: Literary Function, Background and Theological Implications
'I Am' in John's Gospel: Literary Function, Background and Theological Implications, by D. M. Ball. JSNTSup 124. Sheffield: Sheffield Academic Press, 1996. Pp. 309. L35.50/$52.00. As the authorExpand
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Backwards and Forwards: A Technical Manual for Reading Plays
  • D. Ball
  • Sociology, Engineering
  • 7 July 1983
This guide to playreading for students and practitioners of both theater and literature complements, rather then contradicts or repeats, traditional methods of literary analysis of scripts.BallExpand
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Transit: A Novel
Waiting at the Paris airport, two immigrants from Djibouti reveal parallel stories of war, child soldiers, arms trafficking, drugs, and hunger. Bashir is recently discharged from the army andExpand
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Lynd Ward’s Modernist “Novels in Woodcuts”: Graphic Narratives Lost Between Art History and Literature
Lynd Ward’s “novels in woodcuts” — long-form narratives Ward pioneered in America between 1929 and 1937 and composed entirely in the medium of sequential wood engravings — have been widely neglectedExpand
The Dismantling of the National League's First Dynasty: Phase 1
In a book begun before his untimely death in 2011, 19th century baseball historian David Ball set out to track the painstaking evolution of the present-day rules and practices regarding playerExpand
Toward an Archaeology of American Modernism: Reconsidering Prestige and Popularity in the American Renaissance
American Renaissance and the inception of literary modernism? Critical commonplaces describe the American scene as a theater of sweeping technological modernization without a corresponding culturalExpand
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"I am" in context : the literary function, background and theological implications of 'egó 'eimi in John's gospel.
This thesis studies "I am" on the lips of the Johannine Jesus. Although previous studies of this phrase have discovered many formal parallels, insufficient attention has been devoted to theExpand
16. Non-Pauline Letters
The basis for understanding any NT book is to be able to analyse the Greek text correctly and clearly. As part of the Baylor Handbook on the Greek NT, this volume joins those already published onExpand
Searching for the Perfect Welsh Mountain
Why do we feel compelled to recount our experiences of mountains through narratives of majestic views and personal epiphanies? Why does so much get left out of conventional representations? SearchingExpand