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Teamwork as an essential component of high-reliability organizations.
Organizations are increasingly becoming dynamic and unstable. This evolution has given rise to greater reliance on teams and increased complexity in terms of team composition, skills required, andExpand
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Worldwide Shadow Education: Outside-School Learning, Institutional Quality of Schooling, and Cross-National Mathematics Achievement
The growth of structured, outside-school activities for improving students’ mathematics achievement is an enduring feature of modern schooling with major policy implications. These "shadow educationExpand
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Shadow Education and Allocation in Formal Schooling: Transition to University in Japan
Shadow education is a set of educational activities that occur out-side formal schooling and are designed to enhance the student's formal school career. Analyses of data from a longitudinal study ofExpand
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Socioeconomic Status, School Quality, and National Economic Development: A Cross‐National Analysis of the “Heyneman‐Loxley Effect” on Mathematics and Science Achievement
L'interaction entre reproduction sociale, production du capital humain et developpement economique national est un objet de recherche majeur dans le cadre d'une etude comparative transnationale. DansExpand
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Creating Gender Equality: Cross-National Gender Stratification and Mathematical Performance.
This study uses data on sex differences in the eight-grade mathematica performance of over 77 000 students in 19 countries, 1964 and 1982 data on such differences in 9 countries, and data on genderExpand
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National Differences, Global Similarities: World Culture and the Future of Schooling
@fmct:Contents @toc4:List of Tables and Figures iii Preface iii @toc2: 1. The Global Environment of National School Systems 000 2. The Declining Significance of Gender and the Rise of EgalitarianExpand
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Mothers' Strategies for Children's School Achievement: Managing the Transition to High School.
The American educational system requires parents to manage their child's school career to maximize their child's school achievement. But parents differ in the specific strategies they select to helpExpand
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Student Victimization: National and School System Effects on School Violence in 37 Nations
School violence is a problem in many nations, and rates of school violence in the United States are not among the highest in the world. The authors utilize a section of the TIMSS survey data to (a)Expand
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The Research University in Transition: The Emerging Global Model
In a knowledge intensive society, the research university is a key institution for social and economic development. Focused on the discovery of new knowledge and the development of the nextExpand
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