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Jane's Space Directory
"Jane's Space Systems and Industry" (JSD) provides key space technology and engineering information from civil space organisations, commercial and defence industries. JSD follows past, present and
Jane's aircraft upgrades
Airframe manufacturers Retrofit packages Upgrade companies Aircraft design structure flying controls equipment avionics power plant and armament Aircraft dimensions and performance.
Soyuz : 1967 onwards (all models) : an insight into Russia's flagship spacecraft from Moon missions to the international space station
DRAFT CONTENTS The origins of Soyuz: The early 1960s, prior to official approval for the Moon programme, and the designers have lunar circumnavigation in their sites. Development of the first
Spaceflight and Rocketry: A Chronology
Using many primary sources -- including some never-before-published documents from the Soviet space program -- and over 130 black-and-white photographs, author David Baker has created a beautifully
NASA Space Shuttle : 1981 onwards (all models) : an insight into the design, construction and operation of the Nasa Space Shuttle
Detailed 'how it works' Haynes Manual treatment. A fascinating insight into the design, construction and operation of the NASA Space Shuttle. Expert author who has worked on the Apollo and Shuttle
Flight and Flying: A Chronology
A minutely-researched chronology of the entire history of powered flight, plus a survey of earlier developments from hot air balloons to late-19th-century dirigibles. This general survey of aviation