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On the unitarity problem in space/time noncommutative theories
Abstract It is shown that the violation of unitarity observed in space/time noncommutative field theories is due to an improper definition of quantum field theory on noncommutative spacetime.
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Field theory on noncommutative spacetimes: Quasiplanar Wick products
We give a definition of admissible counterterms appropriate for massive quantum field theories on the noncommutative Minkowski space, based on a suitable notion of locality. We then define productsExpand
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Ultraviolet Finite Quantum Field Theory on Quantum Spacetime
Abstract: We discuss a formulation of quantum field theory on quantum space time where the perturbation expansion of the S-matrix is term by term ultraviolet finite. The characteristic feature of ourExpand
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The Quantum Sine-Gordon Model in Perturbative AQFT
We study the Sine-Gordon model with Minkowski signature in the framework of perturbative algebraic quantum field theory. We calculate the vertex operator algebra braiding property. We prove that inExpand
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Local Counterterms on the Noncommutative Minkowski Space
The quasiplanar Wick products on the noncommutative Minkowski space defined in [5] by subtracting only local counterterms are reviewed. In addition, it is shown that ordinary Wick products on theExpand
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Quantum Spacetime and Algebraic Quantum Field Theory
We review the investigations on the quantum structure of spacetime, to be found at the Planck scale if one takes into account the operational limitations to the localization of events which resultExpand
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The invariant charges of the Nambu–Goto string and canonical quantization
  • D. Bahns
  • Physics, Mathematics
  • 9 March 2004
It is shown that the algebra of diffeomorphism-invariant charges of the Nambu–Goto string cannot be quantized in the framework of canonical quantization. The argument is shown to be independent ofExpand
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Approximation von Funktionen
Eines der wichtigsten Hilfsmittel, das ich als mathematische Physikerin nutze, ist die Approximation von Funktionen durch andere Funktionen. Dabei geht es nicht darum, einen rechentechnischen VorteilExpand
On-shell Extension of Distributions
We consider distributions on $${\mathbb{R}^{n}{\setminus}\{0\}}$$Rn\{0} which satisfy a given set of partial differential equations and provide criteria for the existence of extensions toExpand
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