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Environmental Applications of Semiconductor Photocatalysis
The civilian, commercial, and defense sectors of most advanced industrialized nations are faced with a tremendous set of environmental problems related to the remediation of hazardous wastes,
Understanding TiO2 photocatalysis: mechanisms and materials.
This paper presents a meta-analyses of the chiral stationary phase transition of Na6(CO3)(SO4)2, Na2SO4, and Na2CO3 of the Na2O/Na2O 2 mixture at the stationary phase and shows clear patterns in the response of these two materials to each other.
Photocatalytic production of hydrogen peroxides and organic peroxides in aqueous suspensions of titanium dioxide, zinc oxide, and desert sand.
The photocatalytic rate of formation of H_2O_2 on ZnO was shown to depend on the O_2 partial pressure, on the concentration of organic electron donors, and on the concentrations of H-2O-2.
Preparation and characterization of quantum-size titanium dioxide
The syntheses of transparent colloidal solutions of extremely small titanium dioxide particles (d < 3 nm) in water, ethanol, 2-propanol, and acetonitrile are presented. Quantum-size effects are