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Atherogenesis: a postprandial phenomenon.
The hypothesis that plasma chylomicrons in persons who ingest a cholesterol-rich diet are atherogenic is evaluated. Evidence is presented that in humans, and experimental animals, chylomicronExpand
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Atherogenic nature of triglycerides, postprandial lipidemia, and triglyceride-rich remnant lipoproteins.
In addition to low-density lipoproteins, plasma chylomicrons and very-low-density lipoproteins (VLDL) contribute to atherogenesis. When triglyceride-rich particles bind to arterial endothelium and toExpand
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Micromethod for the direct determination of serum triglycerides.
Abstract A microprocedure for the direct determination of triglyceride concentrations in biologic specimens is presented. The method depends on the quantitative removal of phosphatides from theExpand
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Purification and characterization of microsomal triglyceride and cholesteryl ester transfer protein from bovine liver microsomes.
A lipid transfer protein was isolated from bovine liver. Following the release of soluble proteins from liver microsomes, the transfer protein was purified 75-fold to near homogeneity by aExpand
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Quantitation of apoB-48 and apoB-100 by gel scanning or radio-iodination.
In this presentation, we have validated two procedures for the separation and quantitation of apoB-48 and apoB-100 by sodium dodecyl sulfate-polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis (SDS-PAGE): 1) gammaExpand
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1. A new method for the determination of an immediate precursor of a substance occurring in the animal body is presented. 2. Calculations on the quantitative determination of the rate of turnover ofExpand
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Cholesteryl ester exchange protein in human plasma isolation and characterization.
A protein catalyzing the exchange of cholesteryl esters among the lipoproteins was found in human plasma. A rapid method for assaying this activity was developed based on the transfer of radioactiveExpand
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A triglyceride and cholesteryl ester transfer protein associated with liver microsomes.
An intracellular protein accelerates the transfer of triglyceride and cholesteryl ester. The fraction of phospholipid transferred was much less than for the less polar lipids. A rich source of thisExpand
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Microdetermination of plasma phospholipids by trichloroacetic acid precipitation.
Abstract 1.1. A method is presented in which plasma phospholipids can be determined in 0.2 ml. of plasma. 2.2. The method is simpler and more rapid than methods involving the use of fat solvents.Expand
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The design and analysis of isotope experiments.
Abstract The importance of quantitative isotope technics in the study the metabolism of the whole body is discussed. A number of simple model systems are analyzed and approximate numerical solutionsExpand
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