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Neural correlates of attentional expertise in long-term meditation practitioners
In age-matched participants, using functional MRI, it was found that activation in a network of brain regions typically involved in sustained attention showed an inverted u-shaped curve in which expert meditators (EMs) with an average of 19,000 h of practice had more activation than novices, but EMs with anAverage of 44,000H had less activation.
A mind you can count on: validating breath counting as a behavioral measure of mindfulness
Breath counting was reliable, correlated with self-reported mindfulness, differentiated long-term meditators from age-matched controls, and was distinct from sustained attention and working memory measures.
The Persistence of Thought
Investigating whether individuals with greater WM resources mind-wander more during an undemanding task, as would be predicted only by the theory that WM supports TUT found that individuals with higher WM capacity reported more TUT in undemanded tasks, which suggests that WM enables the maintenance of mind wandering.
Less dropout from prolonged exposure sessions prescribed at least twice weekly: A meta-analysis and systematic review of randomized controlled trials.
Trauma-focused psychotherapies, such as prolonged exposure (PE), are strongly recommended to treat posttraumatic stress disorder due to their effects in reducing symptoms. However, such therapies may