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Back to the Future: Modeling Time Dependence in Binary Data
Since Beck, Katz, and Tucker (1998), the standard method for modeling time dependence in binary data has been to incorporate time dummies or splined time in logistic regressions. Although we agreeExpand
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Structure and Function of the Subcutaneous Lymph Sacs in the Anura (Amphibia)
The gross structure of the subcutaneous lymph sacs was examined in anurans from diverse habitats. There were apparent correlations of large lymph sacs with aquatic habit and of reduced lymph sacsExpand
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The relationships among sex role orientation, egalitarianism, attitudes toward sexuality, and attitudes toward violence against women.
Relationships among U.S. college students' (N = 618) attitudes toward rape myths and their sex role orientation, affective responses to sexuality, sex role egalitarianism, and attitudes towardExpand
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Distribution and Development of Limulus Egg Clusters on Intertidal Beaches in Delaware Bay
Accurate knowledge of where spawning Limulus females place their egg clusters in beaches is important for sampling egg cluster density, which in turn is important in studies of habitat use,Expand
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Acoustic-tracking and radio-tracking of horseshoe crabs to assess spawning behavior and subtidal habitat use in delaware bay
Abstract This study used telemetry to determine spawning behavior and subtidal habitat use of horseshoe crabs Limulus polyphemus. We attached combined acoustic and radio transmitters to 12 gravidExpand
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A Blessing or a Curse? State Support for Terrorist Groups
Little existing work has systematically examined the factors that help terrorist groups survive or contribute to their failure. State support for terrorist groups is commonly thought to be a factorExpand
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The Strategy of Territorial Conflict
Many empirical studies have found that disputes over territory are central to the outbreak and intensity of the majority of interstate military conflict. However, the existing literature lacks anExpand
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Stable isotope and pen feeding trial studies confirm the value of horseshoe crab Limulus polyphemus eggs to spring migrant shorebirds in Delaware Bay
We used stable isotope (SI) methods in combination with pen feeding trials to determine the importance of eggs of the Atlantic horseshoe crab Limulus polyphemus to migratory fattening of red knotsExpand
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Electoral Institutions and the Emergence of Terrorist Groups
A wide range of studies find that democracies experience more terrorism than non-democracies. However, surprisingly little terrorism research takes into account the variation among democracies inExpand
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Provocation and the Strategy of Terrorist and Guerrilla Attacks
Violent nonstate groups are usually weaker than the states they target. Theory suggests that groups carefully condition their choice of tactics on anticipated state response. Yet scholars know veryExpand
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