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Exciton Structure and Energy Transfer in the Fenna-Matthews-Olson Complex.
The Fenna-Matthews-Olson (FMO) photosynthetic complex found in green sulfur bacteria has over the last decades been one of the favorite "model" systems for biological energy transfer. However, evenExpand
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The Length of Esterifying Alcohol Affects the Aggregation Properties of Chlorosomal Bacteriochlorophylls
Chlorosomes, the main light‐harvesting complexes of green photosynthetic bacteria, contain bacteriochlorophyll (BChl) molecules in the form of self‐assembling aggregates. To study the role ofExpand
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Chemical oxidation of the FMO antenna protein from Chlorobaculum tepidum
Effect of chemical oxidation by ferricyanide on bacteriochlorophyll a (BChl a) in the Fenna–Matthews–Olson protein (FMO) was studied using absorbance and fluorescence spectroscopy at ambient andExpand
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Kinetics of in vivo bacteriochlorophyll fluorescence yield and the state of photosynthetic apparatus of purple bacteria
The light-induced electron transport in purple bacterium Rhodobacter sphaeroides was studied in vivo by means of kinetic difference absorption spectroscopy and kinetics of bacteriochlorophyllExpand
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Room temperature photooxidation of β-carotene and peripheral chlorophyll in photosystem II reaction centre
Differential kinetic absorption spectra were measured during actinic illumination of photosystem II reaction centres and core complexes in the presence of electron acceptors silicomolybdate andExpand
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Temperature dependence of photosynthetic reaction centre activity in Rhodospirillum rubrum
The influence of temperature on photosynthetic reactions was investigated by a combination of time-resolved bacteriochlorophyll fluorescence, steady-state and differential absorption spectroscopy,Expand
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Unravelling coherences in the FMO complex
The idea that excitonic state (electronic) coherences are of fundamental importance to natural photosynthesis gained popularity when, a decade ago, slowly dephasing quantum beats were observed in theExpand
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Intramolecular charge-transfer state of carotenoids siphonaxanthin and siphonein: function of non-conjugated acyl-oxy group
We used ultrafast transient absorption spectroscopy to study excited-state dynamics of two keto-carotenoids, siphonaxanthin and siphonein. These two carotenoids differ in the presence ofExpand
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