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Ideas and Social Policy: An Institutionalist Perspective
Since the beginning of the 1980s, historical institutionalism has emerged as one of the most influential theoretical perspectives in social policy studies. Although their work is insightful, mostExpand
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Ideas, institutions, and policy change
Seeking to amend historical institutionalism, this article draws on the political science literature on ideas and the sociological literature on framing to discuss three ways in which ideationalExpand
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Nationalism and Social Policy: The Politics of Territorial Solidarity
Introduction 1. Understanding the Nationalism-Social Policy Nexus 2. Canada: Nationalism, Federalism, and Social Policy 3. The United Kingdom: Nationalism, Devolution, and Social Policy 4. Belgium:Expand
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The social exclusion discourse: ideas and policy change
This article explores the political discourse of social exclusion and its potential impact on social policy. The analysis suggests that in France, Britain, and the European Union at large, theExpand
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Ideas and Institutional Change in Social Security: Conversion, Layering, and Policy Drift†
  • D. Béland
  • Sociology, Political Science
  • 1 March 2007
In recent years, social scientists such as Kathleen Thelen and Jacob Hacker have introduced new concepts to assist in the understanding of institutional change. Fostering some of these concepts, thisExpand
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Ideas and politics in social science research
Writing about ideas, John Maynard Keynes noted that they are "more powerful than is commonly understood. Indeed the world is ruled by little else." One would expect, therefore, that politicalExpand
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Making and unmaking nations: war, leadership, and genocide in modern Africa
Migration and Integration, and graduate programmes in immigration and settlement services. This book is now part of that legacy as well. The book reflects the strengths and limitations of theExpand
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Reconsidering Policy Feedback
Drawing on examples from the history and politics of Social Security in the United States, this article assesses early and more recent contributions to the policy feedback literature to clarify theExpand
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Ideas as coalition magnets: coalition building, policy entrepreneurs, and power relations
ABSTRACT One of the most common ways by which ideas influence policy outcomes is by facilitating the construction of a political coalition. The ideas that have this capacity we call coalitionExpand
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Kingdon Reconsidered: Ideas, Interests and Institutions in Comparative Policy Analysis
ABSTRACT Initially published in 1984, John W. Kingdon’s Agendas, Alternatives, and Public Policies has long been classic reading in policy studies. This paper systematically explores its contributionExpand
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