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R&D spillovers and the ge-ography of innovation and production
The invention disclosed herein is a liquid fuel composition having reduced soot and smoking characterized comprising a major proportion of a liquid hydrocarbon fuel and a minor proportion of Group
Innovation in Large and Small Firms: An Empirical Analysis
The authors present a model suggesting that innovative output is influenced by RD and (2) these d eterminants have disparate effects on large and small firms. Copyright 1988 by American Economic
The knowledge spillover theory of entrepreneurship
Contemporary theories of entrepreneurship generally focus on the recognition of opportunities and the decision to exploit them. Although the entrepreneurship literature treats opportunities as
New-Firm Survival and the Technological Regime
The survival rates of over 11,000 firms established in 1976 are compared across manufacturing industries. The variation in ten-year survival rates across industries is hypothesized to be the result
Innovation and Industry Evolution
It once took two decades to replace one-third of the Fortune 500; now a subset of new firms are challenging and displacing this elite group at a breathtaking rate, while armies of startups come and
Innovation and Small Firms
Utilizing a unique data set, Zoltan Acs and David Audretsch provide a rich empirical analysis of the increased importance of small firms in generating technological innovations and their growing
Innovation, growth and survival
Agglomeration and the location of innovative activity
Only a few years ago the conventional wisdom predicted that globalization would render the demise of the region as a meaningful unit of economic analysis. Yet the obsession of policy-makers around
New Firm Survival: New Results Using a Hazard Function
A limitation of Audretsch's 1991 study of new-firm survival was the level of aggregation to industries. This precluded linking establishment-specific characteristics, such as organizational structure