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Terahertz pulsed imaging of human breast tumors.
The potential of terahertz pulsed imaging to depict both invasive breast carcinoma and ductal carcinoma in situ under controlled conditions is demonstrated and further studies are encouraged to determine the sensitivity and specificity of the technique.
Terahertz pulse imaging in reflection geometry of human skin cancer and skin tissue.
By studying the terahertz pulse shape in the time domain, TPI is able to differentiate between diseased and normal tissue for the study of basal cell carcinoma (BCC) and inflammation and scar tissue.
Terahertz pulsed imaging of basal cell carcinoma ex vivo and in vivo
Terahertz pulsed imaging is a noninvasive imaging technique that utilises this radiaton to excite large amplitude vibrational modes of molecules and probe the weak interactions between them.
Terahertz pulse imaging of ex vivo basal cell carcinoma.
The ability of terahertz pulse imaging to distinguish basal cell carcinoma from normal tissue, and this macroscopic technique may, in the future, help plan surgery, is demonstrated.
Terahertz imaging and spectroscopy of human skin in vivo
We demonstrate the application of terahertz pulse imaging for the in-vivo study of human tissue, in this case the upper layers of human skin. The terahertz pulses comprise frequencies from below 100
Terahertz imaging comes into view
Imaging technology is becoming increasingly prevalent in our society. X-ray scanners are routinely used to examine luggage at airports, for example, and most hospitals are equipped with ultrasound
Terahertz Pulsed Imaging of Skin Cancer in the Time and Frequency Domain
This work presents the first frequency-domain analysis of basal cell carcinoma in vitro, with the raw power spectrum giving an insight into the surface features of the skin using terahertz Pulsed Imaging.
Applications of terahertz (THz) technology to medical imaging
An imaging system has been developed based on pulses of Terahertz (THz) radiation generated and detected using all- optical effects accessed by irradiating semiconductors with ultrafast pulses of
Enhanced coherent terahertz emission from indium arsenide in the presence of a magnetic field
We demonstrate enhancement of terahertz (THz) emission from indium arsenide at 170 K in magnetic fields (B) up to 8 T. An order of magnitude increase in visible to terahertz conversion efficiency was
Terahertz Pulse Imaging: A Pilot Study of Potential Applications in Dentistry
Results for the detection of early stage caries in the occlusal enamel layer of a range of human tooth cross sections using terahertz pulse imaging have important implications for extending TPI to other medical imaging applications where both early diagnosis and safety issues are important.