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New aspects of the pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics of clonidine in man
SummaryUsing considerably improved analytical methods, the kinetics and effects of clonidine were observed in healthy volunteers over periods of time more than 3 times longer than those previouslyExpand
Novel potent inhibitor of receptor-activated nonselective cation currents in HL-60 cells.
A pharmacological classification of receptor-activated nonselective cation channels has not been possible because of the lack of specific and potent pharmacological blockers. InExpand
Development of a RIA for clonidine and its comparison with the reference methods.
A radioimmunoassay for clonidine was optimized by introducing, as a tracer ligand, an iodinized clonidine derivative specifically labeled with more than 500 Ci/mMol. The detection limit of clonidineExpand
A newly developed precise and sensitive radioimmunoassay for clonidine.
A new precise and sensitive radioimmunoassay for clonidine has been developed. Synthesis and analysis of the hapten (4-carboxy-clonidine; St 1984) as well as antibody production in rabbits areExpand
Ω-conotoxin GVIA potently inhibits the currents mediated by P2X receptors in rat DRG neurons
We examined effects of omega-conotoxin previously known as a selective blocker of N-type calcium channels, on the adenosine triphosphate (ATP)-induced currents in the rat dorsal root ganglionExpand
Evaluation of clonidine plasma levels in man using a highly sensitive radioimmunoassay
Within the past few years the need for safe, sensitive, and specific drug determination methods has become increasingly necessary.
Alinidine pharmacokinetics following acute and chronic dosing.
1 Alinidine (N-allyl clonidine) pharmacokinetics were investigated in healthy volunteers following acute administration of 40 mg orally and intravenously (i.v.) and chronic administration of 40 mgExpand
Development and quality control of a highly sensitive radioimmunoassay for alinidine.
A new precise and sensitive radioimmunoassay (RIA) for alinidine (N-allyl-clonidine) has been developed. Synthesis and analysis of the hapten (4-carboxy-alinidine = STH 2329), as well as theExpand
New aspects of the clinical pharmacology of clonidine.
Using a newly developed radioimmunoassay, we observed the pharmacokinetics and the pharmacologic effects of clonidine simultaneously (mean arterial pressure, plasma catecholamines) in normotensiveExpand