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The History Manifesto
Introduction: the bonfire of the humanities? 1. Going forward by looking back: the rise of the longue duree 2. The short past: or, the retreat of the longue duree 3. The long and the short: climateExpand
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Three Concepts of Atlantic History
Th e present essay is part of a collection of works which selected key themes related to the British Atlantic history and its development throughout three centuries. David Armitage defi nes a generalExpand
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[Foundations of Modern International Thought] 思想のグローバル・ヒストリ
Introduction: rethinking the foundations of modern international thought Part I. Historiographical Foundations: 1. The international turn in intellectual history 2. Is there a pre-history ofExpand
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What's the Big Idea? Intellectual History and the Longue Durée
Summary Historians of all kinds are beginning to return to temporally expansive studies after decades of aversion and neglect. There are even signs that intellectual historians are returning to theExpand
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The Ideological Origins of the British Empire
1. Introduction: state and empire in British history 2. The empire of Great Britain: England, Scotland and Ireland, c. 1542-1612 3. Protestantism and empire: Hakluyt, Purchas and property 4. TheExpand
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  • 1 April 2004
Georg Cavallar, The Rights of Strangers: Theories of International Hospitality, the Global Community, and Political Justice since Vitoria (Aldershot: Ashgate, 2002) Jonathan Haslam, No Virtue LikeExpand
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John Locke, Carolina, and the Two Treatises of Government
Recent scholarship on John Locke’s Two Treatises of Government has drawn particular attention to the colonial antecedents and applications of the theory of appropriation in chapter V of theSecondExpand
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The Return of the Longue Durée: An Anglo-American Perspective *
Abstract Since the 1970s, most historians in the anglophone world have worked on time-scales of between five and fifty years. This narrow focus represented a retreat from the longer periods generallyExpand
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The international turn in Intellectual History
[I]deas are the most migratory things in the world. On croit souvent que la vie intellectuelle est spontanement internationale. Rien n’est plus faux. For most of the life-span of the historicalExpand
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