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Speed Reduction Effects of Urban Roundabouts
Road safety is one of the most serious problems in road traffic in many countries, including the Baltic countries. One of the alarming issues in road safety is the safety on urban crossings. As theExpand
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European road users' risk perception and mobility : the SARTRE 4 survey
The SARTRE (Social Attitudes to Road Traffic Risk in Europe) project started in 1991. It consists of a European wide survey about knowledge of road traffic laws and road traffic risks, attitudes reExpand
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A methodology for modelling traffic related emissions in suburban areas
A methodology that integrates a computer program COPERT III for calculation of traffic emissions estimates, and a transportation modelling software CUBE VOYAGER was used to assess pollutant emissionsExpand
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A Method for Pedestrian Crossing Risk Assessment
This paper describes how pedestrian crossings contribute to important risk sites, especially in urban areas. Expand
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Evolution of Traffic Flows and Traffic-Induced Air Pollution Due to Structural Changes and Development During 1993–2006 in Tartu (Estonia)
Traffic is the main factor affecting air quality in most cities. After the Estonian re-independence in 1991, the increase of motorization has been fast and car usage has intensified. During the samExpand
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Investigating Drivers’ Behaviour at Non-Signalised Pedestrian Crossings
Pedestrian safety is one of the most serious problems in Estonian traffic. Thus, every third person killed on the roads is a pedestrian. The main aim of this paper was to find which factors couldExpand
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Sustainable Urban Transport Planning
Abstract Environmental protection has become a common issue in every area, but extremely important for the domains which deal with intensive energy consumption as it is the case of theExpand
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Digitalization of Engineering Education: From E-Learning to Smart Education
Digitalization of all scopes of activities along with the rapid accumulation of information, development of technologies and the processes’ intellectualization pose global challenges in both theExpand
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Policy instruments for managing road safety on EU-roads
Abstract Directive 2008/96/EC on road infrastructure safety management requires the establishment and implementation of procedures relating to road safety impact assessments (RSIA), road safetyExpand
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Urban sprawl: mobility potentials in suburban areas of Tallinn
The travel habits of commuters have a huge impact on sustainable development in general, as well as for certain regions or cities. This is also a case for the city of Tallinn, capital of Estonia,Expand
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