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[Chemical composition and microstructural peculiarities of overground and underground vegetative organs of field restharrow (Ononis arvensis L.)].
The existence of triterpene alcohol α-onocerin and isoflavons in the overground organs of the plant is established by chemical analysis and Morphological characterization of the whole plant is given. Expand
Flavonoid glycosides ofAstragalus cicer
' • 2 2 o Substance (1)j composition C3sH,o01,, mp 190-194 C,[~] D m61.7. (c 1.0; ethanol); [M] D 476.8; mol. wt. 740 (spectrometrically) [3]. UV spectrum, Aethano~: 350, 260 (log ¢ 4.4), (+Zr(NOs)4)Expand
Phenolic compounds ofGeranium pusillum
Geranium pusillum L. (lesser geranium) is an annual herbal plant distributed throughout Georgia. Phenolic compounds (8.2%) were found in the aerial parts of it during a determination of the contentExpand
Behavior of naphthalene and certain other polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons under conditions of high pressure and shearing stress
1. The behavior of 12 solid polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, subjected to the action of high pressure (up to 100 kbar) in conjunction with shearing stresses, was studied. Under these conditions,Expand
Investigation of mechanical stresses in strained solids on models of conducting polymer composites
A method for measuring mechanical stresses in the bulk of machine parts, which simplifies the known methods and does not require significant destruction of the test sample, is proposed.
Change in some properties of phenolphthalein and thymolphthalein as a result of plastic deformation under high pressure
1. A study of the dependence of the shear on the pressure for solid phenolphthalein and solid thymolphthalein has permitted the observation of the presence of jump-like irreversible changes atExpand