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Predictive Reference Signal Generator for Hybrid Electric Vehicles
A novel model-based and predictive energy supervisory controller for hybrid electric vehicles (HEVs) is presented. Expand
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Explicit optimal control policy and its practical application for hybrid electric powertrains
This paper presents a simplified, yet realistic, model of a hybrid electric powertrain and derives the explicit solution of the optimal energy management. The explicit solution of this optimalExpand
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On Implementation of Dynamic Programming for Optimal Control Problems with Final State Constraints
In this paper we present issues related to the implementation of dynamic programming for optimal control of a one-dimensional dynamic model, such as the hybrid electric vehicle energy management problem. Expand
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Energy management strategies for hybrid electric vehicles
Hybrid electric vehicles are commonly known as a promising solution to reduce the fuel consumption with existing technology for the near future. Due to the presence of at least two power convertersExpand
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A Reduced 1&1D Model for Optimization Analysis of a PEM Fuel Cell
An application-oriented steady-state PEMFC model is presented. The model is computationally fast enough to allow for applied investigations such as optimizations and sensitivity analyses but isExpand
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Foodborne bacteria in raw drone brood of Apis mellifera – a preliminary survey
Drone brood of Apis mellifera is often removed from the beehive to control the honeybee parasite Varroa destructor. Instead of discarding the drone brood, it could rather be used as a new food sour...
Haltevorrichtung für die Wirbelsäule
Eine Haltevorrichtung fur die Wirbelsaule weist Mittel zur Befestigung an einem Wirbel auf. Ferner weist sie eine Aufnahme (2) fur einen Stab (3) auf, die an der den Befestigungsmitteln abgewandtenExpand
Deep Foundation Challenges at the New Benicia-Martinez Bridge
The marine piers of the new Benicia-Martinez Bridge are supported on 8 or 9 Cast-in-Drilled-Hole (CIDH) concrete piles with 2.5 m diameter permanent steel casing and 2.2 m diameter rock sockets to aExpand
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Nutrient composition of Chinese oak silkworm, Antheraea pernyi, a traditional edible insect in China: a review
Edible insects are considered to be rich in protein and several micronutrients; therefore, they are regarded as one of the potential contributors to food security. The Chinese oak silkworm, Anthera...