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The effects of cutting fluid application methods on the grinding process
It is well known that a boundary layer of air is entrained around a rotating grinding wheel. The effects of the boundary layer have been under some scrutiny in recent years with most research beingExpand
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Design and implementation of an intelligent grinding assistant system
In modern competitive manufacturing industry, machining processes are expected to deliver products with high accuracy and assured surface integrity, using shorter cycle times with reduced operatorExpand
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Analysis and simulation of the grinding process. Part III: Comparison with experiment
A method of simulating dressing and grinding was described in Parts I and II of this three-part series. In Part III, the effects on grinding performance of varying the dressing conditions areExpand
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Analysis and simulation of the grinding process. Part IV: Effects of wheel wear
A method of simulating dressing and grinding was described in Parts I and II of this paper. In Part IV, the effects of wheel wear and wheel characteristics on grinding performance are simulated andExpand
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Effect of Oropharyngeal Length in Drug Lung Delivery via Suspension Pressurized Metered Dose Inhalers
PurposeTo determine the effect of the oropharyngeal length in adults on the lung dose of a suspension pressurized metered dose inhaler, and whether employing small volume spacers can alter thisExpand
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The Interaction Between the Oropharyngeal Geometry and Aerosols via Pressurised Metered Dose Inhalers
PurposeThis study investigated the effect of oropharyngeal geometry on inhaled aerosol characteristics via pressurised metered dose inhalers (pMDIs), both with or without spacers.MethodsSeven adultExpand
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Investigating improving powder deagglomeration via dry powder inhalers at a low inspiratory flow rate by employing add-on spacers.
The aim of this study was to investigate whether small add-on spacers alone or equipped with a passive deagglomerating component would improve aerosol performances of passive low airflow resistanceExpand
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Application of delay-time analysis via Monte Carlo simulation
This paper presents a methodology for the application of delay-time analysis via Monte Carlo Simulation. Expand
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ABSTRACT —Plesiosaurs are an enigmatic, diverse extinct group of Mesozoic marine reptiles well known for their unique body plan with two pairs of flippers and usually an elongated neck. The long neckExpand
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Life cycle model of the grinding process
The quality of a grinding operation depends on the behaviour of the grinding wheel in the grinding process. Understanding the performance of a grinding wheel is required for control of the grindingExpand
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