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Geographies of toponymic inscription: new directions in critical place-name studies
The study of place naming, or toponymy, has recently undergone a critical reformulation as scholars have moved beyond the traditional focus on etymology and taxonomy by examining the politics ofExpand
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A Street Fit for a King: Naming Places and Commemoration in the American South
The naming of streets after Martin Luther King, Jr. (MLK) is an importantarena for African Americans as they rewrite the landscape of southern identity and commemoration. While less ornate andExpand
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Street names and the scaling of memory: the politics of commemorating Martin Luther King, Jr within the African American community
Streets named for Martin Luther King, Jr are common yet controversial features in cities across the United States. This paper analyses the politics of naming these streets as a 'scaling of memory' -Expand
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Surrogation and the politics of remembering slavery in Savannah, Georgia (USA)
Abstract There are growing calls from some African Americans, particularly in the U.S. South, to create sites of counter-memory that recognize the often forgotten historical struggles andExpand
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Memory and place: geographies of a critical relationship
In recent years, investigations of social or cultural memory have become a major field of inquiry throughout the humanities and social sciences. No longer the sole preserve of psychology, the studyExpand
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Writing on the Graceland Wall: On the Importance of Authorship in Pilgrimage Landscapes
The journey to Graceland—the final residence and resting place of singer and entertainer Elvis Presley—has become a major pilgrimage within modern popular culture and tourism. As a cultural religiousExpand
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Street Names as Memorial Arenas: The Reputational Politics of Commemorating Martin Luther King Jr. in a Georgia County
The public commemoration and representation of the past are socially constructed and contested processes. Sociologists Robin WagnerPacifici and Barry Schwartz pointed to this fact when they wroteExpand
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Symbolic Excavation and the Artifact Politics of Remembering Slavery in the American South: Observations from Walterboro, South Carolina
While historic sites in the American South have tended not to engage visitors in critical discussions of slavery, there are indications that this pattern is changing. In understanding how the historyExpand
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Memorial landscapes: analytic questions and metaphors
Over the past two decades, geographers have probed the intersection of collective memory and urban space. Their sustained interest in the subject reflects an understanding of the social condition ofExpand
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Reexamining the Montgomery Bus Boycott: Toward an Empathetic Pedagogy of the Civil Rights Movement
Geographers have assessed the success and failure of the U.S. Civil Rights Movement in terms of the African American struggle for justice, social identity, and economic survival. Conspicuously absentExpand
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