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Twenty-First Century Populism: The Spectre of Western European Democracy
Introduction: The Sceptre and the Spectre D.Albertazzi & D.McDonnell PART I Populism and Democracy G.Pasquino Politics against Democracy: Party Withdrawal and Populist Breakthrough A.MastropaoloExpand
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Introduction: The Sceptre and the Spectre
Ghiţa Ionescu and Ernest Gellner (1969: 1) began their classic edited collection on populism by paraphrasing Marx and Engel’s famous opening line: ‘A Spectre is haunting the world — populism’.Expand
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The Lega Nord in the second Berlusconi government: In a league of its own
For regionalist populists like the Lega Nord, participation in coalition at national level requires striking a delicate balance between being a party of government and a movement of opposition. TheExpand
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Twenty-First Century Populism
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‘No regionalism please, we are Leghisti !’ The transformation of the Italian Lega Nord under the leadership of Matteo Salvini
ABSTRACT Whilst the Lega Nord has traditionally been defined as a regionalist populist party, since Matteo Salvini became its leader in 2013 it has undergone a process of profound ideologicalExpand
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Di lotta e di governo: The Lega Nord and Rifondazione Comunista in office
Since 1994, Italian politics has seen a number of coalitions including parties whose identity has been strongly based on their ‘outsider’ status as uncompromising opposition movements which would notExpand
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Populism and Liberal Democracy: Populists in Government in Austria, Italy, Poland and Switzerland
The enduring electoral success of populist parties across Europe and the increasing opportunities they have gained to access government in recent years bring once more into relief the question ofExpand
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The Lega Nord Back in Government
Following the 2008 general election, the Italian regionalist populist party Lega Nord returned to government as part of a centre-right coalition led by Silvio Berlusconi. Since then, the party hasExpand
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The Lega dei Ticinesi: The Embodiment of Populism
This article views ‘populism’ as an ideology, the key features of which are identified and briefly discussed. Having assessed the extent to which such features match the profile of the Swiss Lega deiExpand
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‘Back to our roots’ or self-confessed manipulation? The uses of the past in the Lega Nord's positing of Padania
The Italian populist movement Lega Nord once famously claimed that the north of Italy was a nation (‘Padania’) that should be granted independence. Padania was posited by the party through aExpand
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