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Regional landscape ecosystems of Michigan, Minnesota and Wisconsin: a working map and classification.
Describes the landscape ecosystems (ecoregions) of Michigan, Minnesota, and Wisconsin and includes maps of all three states. Regional descriptions include climate, bedrock geology, landforms, lakesExpand
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Hydrogeomorphic Classification for Great Lakes Coastal Wetlands
Abstract A hydrogeomorphic classification scheme for Great Lakes coastal wetlands is presented. The classification is hierarchical and first divides the wetlands into three broad hydrogeomorphicExpand
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Regional landscape ecosystems of Michigan
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Plants as regional indicators of Great Lakes coastal wetland health
In this paper we explore the potential for developing plant-based indicators for key dimensions of wetland stress, including 1) hydrologic flow modification (through water-level regulation andExpand
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Water Level Decline Promotes Typha X glauca Establishment and Vegetation Change in Great Lakes Coastal Wetlands
Climate change is predicted to reduce Laurentian Great Lakes water levels, altering coastal wetland ecosystems and potentially stimulating invasive macrophytes, like Typha X glauca. Recent prolongedExpand
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Biomass harvest of invasive Typha promotes plant diversity in a Great Lakes coastal wetland
6 Ecological and financial constraints limit restoration efforts, preventing the achievement of 7 desired ecological outcomes. Harvesting invasive plant biomass for bioenergy has the potential 8 toExpand
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A Field Guide to the Natural Communities of Michigan
The culmination of three decades of work by Michigan Natural Features Inventory ecologists, this essential guidebook to the natural communities of Michigan introduces the diverse terrain of a uniqueExpand
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Rapid Plant Community Response to a Water Level Peak in Northern Lake Huron Coastal Wetlands
Abstract Aquatic plants were sampled in five coastal wetlands of northern Lake Huron during July 1996, 1997, and 1998. Mean annual water levels of Lake Huron changed during this period from 176.37 mExpand
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Accuracy of optical image analysis compared to conventional vegetation measurements for estimating morphological features of emergent vegetation
Abstract In this paper we evaluate the effectiveness of using optical image analysis to determine plant morphology for an emergent species of salt marsh vegetation, threesquare bulrushExpand
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