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Time and Chance
Preface 1. Time-Reversal Invariance 2. Thermodynamics 3. Statistical Mechanics 4. The Reversibility Objections and the Past-Hypothesis 5. The Scope of Thermodynamics 6. The Asymmetries of KnowledgeExpand
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Quantum mechanics and experience
Superposition the mathematical formalism and the standard way of thinking about it nonlocality the measurement problem the collapse of the wave function the dynamics by itself Bohm's theoryExpand
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Elementary Quantum Metaphysics
Once upon a time, the twentieth-century investigations of the behaviors of sub-atomic particles were thought to have established that there can be no such thing as an objective, observer-independent,Expand
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Interpreting the many worlds interpretation
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Wave Function Realism
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Tails of Schrödinger’s Cat
IN HIS FAMOUS THOUGHT EXPERIMENT, Schrodinger (1935) imagined a cat that measures the value of a quantum mechanical observable with its life. Adapted to the measurement of x-spin of an electron, theExpand
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The Wave Function: Essays in the Metaphysics of Quantum Mechanics
Preface David Z. Albert and Alyssa Ney Introduction Alyssa Ney Chapter 1. Wave Function Realism David Z. Albert Chapter 2. Primitive Ontology and the Structure of Fundamental Physical Theories ValiaExpand
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Can we make sense out of the measurement process in relativistic quantum mechanics
We study the instantaneity of the state-reduction process in relativistic quantum mechanics. The conclusion of various authors that this instantaneity will restrict the set of relativisticExpand
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States and observables in relativistic quantum field theories
We discuss two related issues pertaining to the foundations of relativistic quantum field theories. First: the question of observables; more particularly the question of what constraints, if any, areExpand
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A quantum threat to special relativity.
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