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Structural Damage Assessments from Ikonos Data Using Change Detection, Object-Oriented Segmentation, and Classification Techniques
Recent improvements in the spatial resolution of commercial satellite imagery make it possible to apply very highresolution (VHR) satellite data for assessing structural damage in the aftermath ofExpand
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Hydrological modelling of a drained grazing marsh under agricultural land use and the simulation of restoration management scenarios
Abstract The capability of the spatially-distributed, physically-based, rainfall-runoff modelling system, MIKE SHE, to simulate the hydrological behaviour of the natural and drained parts of theExpand
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Analysis of worldwide earthquake mortality using multivariate demographic and seismic data.
In this paper, mortality in the immediate aftermath of an earthquake is studied on a worldwide scale using multivariate analysis. A statistical method is presented that analyzes reported earthquakeExpand
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Monitoring wetland ditch water levels using landsat TM and ground-based measurements
A methodology which makes use of Landsat Thematic Mapper (TM) data to indirectly provide remotely sensed observations of water levels within channels and ditches in wetlands is presented. UsingExpand
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Monitoring wetland ditch water levels in the North Kent Marshes, UK, using Landsat TM imagery and ground-based measurements
Abstract An understanding of hydrology is a prerequisite for ensuring the successful management, conservation and restoration of wetland environments. Frequently, however, little is known aboutExpand
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Framework for surface water quality management on a river basin scale: Case study of Lake Iseo, Northern Italy
River (DESERT) and lake (EVOLA) water quality models are used to simulate the influences of alternative water quality management scenarios on the quality of receiving surface waters in the Lake IseoExpand
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Innovative technologies for scientific wetland management, conservation and restoration
Innovative technologies are being developed within the SHYLOC project, which is partly funded by the European Commission's Space Technology programme under the 4th Framework Programme, to provideExpand
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